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Being the Seven Seas Cruising Station in San Cristóbal we would like to give you some more information about traveling to and staying in Galapagos.

The whole Galápagos archipelago belongs to the Galápagos National Park. Therefore, we highly recommend familiarizing yourselves with the PNG rules prior to arrival at one of the local ports.

Important notes:

Vessels should have no more than 10 People on board. If the boat is in sailing condition and does not have a permit, the length of stay in the archipelago cannot exceed 21 days. With an appropriate permit from the respective embassies to carry out tourism, studies, volunteering or work on the islands, one can stay for up to 90 days and may receive permission to visit other ports within the archipelago.

If you wish to participate in tourism activities while in the Galápagos Islands, you will have to pay the Galápagos National Park (GNP) entrance fee. To enter the National Park adults must pay a onetime fee of US$100 and a onetime fee of US$ 50 for children under the age of 12. For those wishing to carry out tourism activities from their vessel, a fee of US$200/day per person must be paid.

Private yachts have to pay harbor fees and a police (immigration) fee. Your Agent will tell you more about.

Lighthouses (LH) and Buoys

Academy Bay / Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz

Latitude 00°45’S / Longitude 90°19’W

LH Islote Caamaño 00°45.3’S / 90°16.6’W
LH Punta Estrada 00°45.5’S / 90°18.15’W
Buoy Academy Bay 00°44.7’S / 90°18.1’W
LH Santa Cruz 00°44.6’S / 90°18.6’W
Faro Santa Maria 01°16.3’S / 90°29.2’W

General Villamil Port / Isla Isabela

Latitude 00°59’S / Longitude 90°59’W

LH Isabela 00°57.8’S / 90°57.6’W
LH Villamil 00°57.22’S / 90°58.5’W

Wreck Bay / Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, San Cristóbal

Latitude 00°53.9’S / Longitude 89°36.9’W

LH Five Fingers 00°51.1’S / 89°37.5’W
Buoy Jessica 00°53.5’S / 89°37.0’W
LH Lido 00°53.2’S / 89°36.7’W
Buoy Wreck Bay 00°53.3’S / 89°36.4’W
LH San Cristobal 00°53.9’S / 89°36.5’W
LH Puerto Baquerizo 00°53.9’S / 89°36.4’W
LH Cerro Colorado 00°54.7’S / 89°25.7’W
LH Cerro Patrcio 00°54.2’S / 89°36.6’W

Facilities and Services on San Cristóbal

Please feel free to contact us if you need help and- or a translator (any time). We speak English, German and Spanish.

Tina 091 86 41 72 / Manolo 099 54 05 96

HOSPITAL (05) 252 0118
Av. Quito and Av. Alsacio Northia

PETRO / DIESEL Petrocomercial (05) 252 0179
Av. 12 de Febrero (Road to el Progreso)
You pay the international day Price. If you want, we can help you and bring it on board.
DRUGSTORES > San Cristobal (05) 252 0773
Jose de Villamil y Ignacio Hernandez
> Nicole (05) 252
Av. Charles Darwin y Av. 12 de Febrero
> Su Farmacia (05) 252 0982
Av. 12 de Febrero y Alsacio Northia
INTERNET (ranges from $1.50-$2/hour)
> Miconia / Wifi
> Mokingbird Café
> Georgina
You may be able to get the REDGAL W-Lan signal from your boat.
MAIL > Correo Postal (05) 252 0373
Av. Charles Darwin y Manuel Cobos
> FedEx
Jose de Villamil y Av. Alsacio Northia
Please feel free to send mail to our Office. We will hold on to it for you.
Av. Charles Darwin y Española
Puerto Baquerizo Moreno
San Cristobal, Galapagos, Ecuador
INTERNATIONAL CALL CENTER > Pacifictel (05) 252 0104
> Porta Satelital (05) 252 0725
> MoviStar
There are several call centers that you can make international calls from. Calls generally cost between $0.10 and $0.40/minute.
LAUNDRY > Sebastian $1 / kilo
Av. 12 de Febrero y Av. Charles Darwin
> Super Wash $4 / basket
Jose de Villamil yignacio Hernandez
> Limpio y Seco $1 / kilo
Av. Alsacio Northia y 12 de Febrero
MARKET Every Wednesday and Saturday, local farmers sell fresh fruits and vegetables from the highlands. The market is open every day, but the best time to visit is around 6.30AM on Wednesdays and Saturdays.
Av. Jose Flores y 12 de Febrero
VISA / MASTERCARD Banco del Pacifico
(05) 252 0365 / (05) 252 0366
Av. Charles Darwin y Española
BANK > Banco del Pacifico
> Banco Nacional de Fomento
(05) 252 0132
Ignacio Hernandez y Av. 12 de Febrero
Taxi Boats / “TAXI MARINO” Chanel 14, Please ask for Bone he’s great.
GARBAGE COLLECTION UGA Telf: (05) 252 0119, ext 124
MACHINE REPAIR SHOP Let us know what you need and we will help you to find it. It is possible that we may need to order a part from another Island.
PURIFIED / PORTABLE WATER We can help you by delivering water (by the gallon) to your boat.
CAPITANIA MARINE (05) 252 03 46
POLICE (05) 252 01 01
FIRE BRIGADE (05) 252 06 00
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